Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm back from vacation and here's what I have to say about using @ProjectFi overseas! (Thank you @Google!)

Pin It I just spent 10 days on vacation overseas with my family and I am SO GLAD I made the switch to Project Fi before we left! When we touched down in Paris and I powered on my phone, Project Fi greeted me with this...

And when we left Paris on a train and arrived in Luxembourg, I was greeted with this...

Let me tell you ... Project Fi had me covered EVERYWHERE! I made calls back to the US, as well as local (international) calls within France with NO problems at all. I connected to public wifi when I could, but when I couldn't, I still had no issues. I Facebooked, emailed, Instagramed and texted with no connectivity problems ever! And from what I can tell, it cost me VERY little!

When I returned back to the US and opened my Fi app (it's SO CONVENIENT to just tap the app to check my stats and usage!), this is what I discovered...

From what I can tell, I spent around $9 on phone calls to both the US and France at $.20/minute. I also spent roughly $7 on about .6 GB of data usage overseas at the same price as I would pay here - $10/GB. I have 8 days left on my billing cycle for this month and I am WELL under the 3GB plan I chose initially (which is CRAZY because I was maxing out at around 6GB/month with AT&T!). I will be receiving a credit at the end of this billing cycle for the unused data, so the $15.33 I racked up overseas is NOTHING! I think I paid more than that to AT&T last Spring Break when we were in Canada for TWO DAYS!

I will post again after this billing cycle ends and I have the final charges for my first month with Fi. I cannot say enough good things about my Nexus 6P, which took AMAZING photos on our vacation (my first real test of the camera - see below), and Project Fi service. If you have any specific questions, hit me up in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them!


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